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Action Needed on Senate Bill 2747 – The Freedom to Vote Act

Senate Bill 2747, The Freedom to Vote Act, will soon be decided upon, within the week, and as early as tomorrow. There are some extreme measures within the bill, including; forced voter registration, and including automatic at- the -polls- registration. It also limits names from being removed from voter rolls and removes the campaign fund…

Happy Independence Day!

In celebration of the family and of our country's Independence Day this cute family was out in our community making a difference. These "Welcome Home Kits" are for those who find a path forward to self-reliance for their families during hard economic time. The goal is to aide 2,025 families in this goal to freedom…


‼️ ENCOURAGE GOVERNOR SISOLAK TO OPPOSE AB287‼️ Hidden in AB287, Chapter 440 of the Nevada Revised Statuses, a piece of legislation seemingly about birthing centers, Nevada legislators quietly-added a last minute floor amendment proposing a rewrite of language on birth certificates. They would like to change the title of "Mother" and "Father" to Mother > "person…

Your Action is Needed on Senate Bill 2747- The Freedom to Vote Act Read the Bill Here